July 10, 2008

Just another sample HDR

This is the latest HDR that I have processed. It has more layers than I usually use, but that's because I had to correct lots of odd colors in the photo.


asdasf said...


Your HDRs are very impressive. May I ask you for a tutorial about post processing HDR in Photoshop? I read the earlier one from your blog but I would like to understand in what manner you are using the curves and layers to get such deep colors and atmosphere. Is there a basic procedure available for every single image or not?

I remain indebted to you.

Antonius Plaian

Kaj said...

Sorry. I didn't see this comment.

The tutorial that you read is pretty much what I do with all my photos. The "punch" in the colors comes from the soft light and s-curve that I add. You can see it in step 3: