June 29, 2008

HDR Tutorial, Step 6, final touch

The last thing that I usually do before I resize the image is to add a curves layer to draw a vignette, and I might also add a curve layer in mode Screen to make certain parts of the photo brighter.

The final stack of layers can be seen above. It's now time to save, flatten the image, resize and apply smart sharpening.

The final result can be seen below.

That's pretty much how I process most of my photos. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes to process one image.

Good luck

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Anonymous said...

Amazing, Kaj. You're the best.

fabio said...

Tk you Kaj you are very altruistic I've appreciated very much your tuition cause every new hint is welcome for me.
I found a clever macro photographer, maybe I've allready sent his web address: www.juzaphoto.com.
Go on to your tutorial, and what about to build an your web site with a portfolio ?
Have all the best.

ZG said...

Good stuff. Thanks man.

eddyizm said...

great post kaj, very kind of you to share your knowledge, your image processing leaves most of us in a state of confusion ;-)