June 29, 2008

HDR Tutorial, Step 5, removing magenta/green lines

Tone mapping in Photomatix created a common artifact, magenta and green lines along e.g tree branches and mountains. Those lines are removed by adding layers of Hue/Saturation, each layer will be used to recude the saturation of a certain selected color.

The dialog above is displayed when you double click on the Hue/Saturation icon in the Hue/Saturation level. Note that we only wanted to reduce magenta colors, so we select them in the combo box at the top, and the we click in the image where a magenta line is. The color range will then automatically be set to only affect the selected color.

We do the same for the green lines, but the photo has lots of green colors that we don' want to affect so we need to use the mask.

The mask for the layer that affects the green colors has been used to only affect parts of the image (where the white lines are drawn)

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